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Dean Winchester + Cute Moments in ( season 9 )


9x22, Stairway to Heaven


They stand together in a clearing that smells of fire and brimstone. Blackened grass stretches around them in a perfect circle and it’s not clear which one of them is responsible.

Sam Winchester stares at his risen brother, blind to the char at his feet, has maybe been blind for a while. “Look, I know what I said before, about us not being brothers but…just come back, Dean. Okay? We can figure this out.”

“What’s there to figure out?” Dean counters. He’s perfectly calm. So calm, Sam notices, it’s like he doesn’t need to breathe anymore. “I didn’t lose you Sam. I left.”

Sam winces, exactly what he didn’t want to hear. “I know. Crowley’s…filled me in.” Salesman’s corpse shoved into the back of the car. Did what Dean couldn’t. At least that’s one thing in his life he won’t regret. “But it doesn’t mat-“

“Like hell it doesn’t matter, Sam! The bunker was practically created to stop things like me!”

“It doesn’t matter,” Sam insists. There’s an edge of desperation to his voice. It’s an edge that’s driven him miles and miles, across the US, to gray areas that will haunt his dreams, to here. “You’re my brother, and I will do anything I have to in order to help you.”

Dean scoffs, the suggestion is ridiculous to him. This power coursing through his veins, the bloodlust, the total peace. Who says he wants help, or even needs it. “Yeah I’ve been hearing a little bit about you, Sammy. Through the grapevine. Some kind of super hero or something,” narrows his eyes. “Or villain?”

Sam lowers his gaze, sees the field of burnt grass for the first time. Did he do that?

Dean laughs. “Look at us huh? A demon and a wizard, sounds like a setup to a bad joke. Wouldn’t dad be proud?” He smiles at his brother’s guilt. There’s a cruel edge to it. “Well, maybe you’re right Sammy. Maybe we belong together afterall.”

Sam looks up at the offer. It’s barbed, he knows it’ll make him bleed if he accepts, and he wraps his arms around it without hesitation. “Okay,” he says, relief.

Dean takes his first steps towards his brother, glancing at something in the background: chrome and steel. “Is that my car?”

“Yeah, well, unlike you, I still need to walk,” Sam shoots back.


Dean’s hand is held out and Sam sees the red veins that lead back to the Mark of Cain. He pats down the pockets of his leather jacket before he remembers. “I um, I left them back at the bunker.”

“The bunker?” Dean questions. “How the hell did you get here?”

Sam smirks, snaps his fingers and the Impala wakes with a roar, headlights cutting through the dark.

Dean’s eyes widen at the trick and he tilts his head with an appreciative smile. “Damn, Sammy. You’re gonna have to teach me that one.”


i got bored


sam caps per episode ⇒ 1.16: shadow

Very accurate



Oh man I didn’t even think about the Impala. Who is gonna have it? Did Dean take it with him? Does Sam have it now?! 

Also, basically yes to all of this!

Sam driving around in the Impala because if anything is going to summon his brother back from wherever it’s messing with the car.

Sam: *Throws a rock at the Impala* oops i think i dinged it! *Looks around obsessively for Dean*

Oh good now I’m crying



awabubbles replied to your post: That said, though, I’m excited for the…

OMG MYSTERY!SPOT SAM *screeches into the atmosphere* i looovvve mystery!spot pseudo psychotic serial killer Sam omgdontevengetmestarted


My fave is when he picks the bullet out of himself, IS2G.


Imagine mysteryspot!Sam with like all of the tools of the men of letters at his disposal. Scruffy, leather-jacket wearing, Impala-driving mysteryspot!Sam.

Like fuck at this point he already knows a few spells and he’s cruising across the country DESTROYING evil. And he comes across another hunter and they’re like “so have you found dean yet?” and he’s like, no, but I have killed 19 demons, salted 13 graves, banished 21 ghosts 5 vampires, 3 shape shifters & 2 werewolves but that was a long weekend and I was bored.

random hunter: …damn, son.

Oh man I didn’t even think about the Impala. Who is gonna have it? Did Dean take it with him? Does Sam have it now?! 

Also, basically yes to all of this!

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